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Printing With Nature – Organic Printing For A Sustainable Future

Fritz is the one-stop shop for all your needs when it comes to decorating garments. All screen printing and embroidery is produced in-house to ensure the highest quality for our customers. Our attention to detail, a huge range of different printing styles and techniques in combination with industrial production capacity leaves no wishes unsatisfied.

We are dedicated to producing as environmentally friendly as possible and use solely water-based ink for all of our screen printing. With 20 years of experience in the industry, there is very little we can’t print.

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    20+ Years of
  • Customization
  • Versatility
  • High Quality
    High-Quality Output
  • Fast Turnaround
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Our Core Services
All screen printing and embroidery is produced in-house to ensure the highest quality for our customers.

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Discover eco-friendly,
stylish prints and apparel.
We are dedicated to producing as environmentally friendly as possible
and use solely water-based ink for all of our screen printing.

Why Choose Fritz Print?

Fritz is the one-stop shop for all your needs when it comes to decorating garments.
  • Wide Color Range
    Wide Color Range
  • Specialized Printing Techniques
    Specialized Printing Techniques
  • Attention To Detail
    Attention to Detail
  • Competitive Pricing
    Competitive Pricing
  • Eco Friendly Printing
    Eco-friendly printing with water-based inks**
  • Ability To Handle
    Ability to Handle Complex Designs
  • Personalized Customer Service
    Personalized Customer Service
  • Expertise Corporate Apparel
    Expertise in Corporate Apparel
  • Large Production Capacity
    Large Production Capacity
  • Nationwide Shipping Capabilities
    Nationwide Shipping Capabilities

Create Your Custom T-Shirt in Just 3 Easy Steps

At Fritz Wear, we prioritize using eco-friendly materials and processes that minimize our impact on the environment.

Select Your Items

Begin by selecting the garments you would like to customize. Browse our extensive range of eco-friendly apparel, including t-shirts, hoodies, and more. All our items are made with sustainable materials, supporting our commitment to the environment. Once you have made your selection, add the items to your basket.


Upload Your Design

Next, personalize your selected items by uploading your design. Our user-friendly interface allows you to easily upload artwork directly from your computer or mobile device.


Contact Us for Assistance

Need help with your design or have any questions about the process? You can reach out to us via phone or email for personalized support. We’re committed to ensuring that your prints not only look great but also align with environmental values. Call us or email us for assistance.

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Print Your Passion With Us – Your Local Screen Printing Experts!

When you choose to work with us, you’re not just getting a beautiful, high-quality print. You’re also supporting a business that values and respects the natural world. Whether you’re printing t-shirts for your business, creating custom designs for your event, or just looking for a unique gift, you can feel good knowing that your print was made with care for the planet.

Our Industries

Our commitment to nature is at the core of everything we do. We recognize that the environment is not just a backdrop to our business, but an essential partner that allows us to create beautiful and sustainable prints for our customers.

  • Hospitality
  • Beverages
  • Brand Merchandise
    Brand Merchandise
  • Non Profit
    Non Profit
  • Community
  • Clothing Brands
    Clothing Brands
  • Education
  • Events
Printing In Melbourne
Printing with Nature in Mind – Organic Printing in Melbourne

At Fritz, we are proud to offer organic water-based inks for the highest quality of prints. Our organic water-based inks provide great coverage and vibrant colors with no harsh chemicals or smells. Plus, our ink formulas are specifically designed to be soft to the touch so your finished garments will be comfortable and look great.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Screen Printing and Embroidery in Melbourne

What types of garments can Fritz Print provide screen printing and embroidery for in Melbourne?

Fritz Print offers screen printing and embroidery on various garments, including t-shirts, corporate uniforms, caps, jackets, and hats. We support diverse textile needs, ensuring high-quality finishes tailored to your branding requirements.

How does the screen printing process at Fritz Print ensure sustainability?

At Fritz Print, sustainability is central to our screen printing process. We utilise water-based inks–where possible–and strive to use organic and recycled materials. Our eco-friendly methods are designed to reduce environmental impact, delivering vibrant and lasting prints.

Can Fritz Print handle large orders for corporate events in Melbourne?

Absolutely! Fritz Print has the capability and state-of-the-art equipment to handle large-scale production runs efficiently. Whether for corporate events, marketing campaigns, or large sporting events in Melbourne, we ensure timely delivery and consistent quality across all items.

What is the turnaround time for a custom embroidery order at Fritz Print in Melbourne?

The turnaround time for custom embroidery orders can vary depending on the complexity and size of your order. We generally ensure a rapid turnaround without compromising on the quality of the finished product. For specific timelines, we recommend contacting us directly with your requirements.

How can I start a custom screen printing or embroidery project with Fritz Print in Melbourne?

Starting a custom project with Fritz Print is simple and efficient. First, contact us with your vision and requirements during an initial consultation. After design approval, we will proceed with production. Your custom items will be ready for pick-up or delivery shortly after. For detailed inquiries or to begin your project, please contact us at 03 946 553 13.

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Screen Printing and Embroidery

With over 20 years of industry experience, Fitz Print is Melbourne’s leading screen printing and embroidery source. Sustainability is at the heart of our work, so our printing processes feature eco-friendly materials.

Whether you need custom apparel for corporate events, stylish merchandise for your brand, or unique uniforms for your team, our team helps you make a statement to your buyers, clients, and supporters. Call us today to experience printing with a purpose made with care for the planet.

Screen Printing and Embroidery – Printing With Nature

Sustainable screen printing is one of our core specialities, combining tradition with the latest technology. Producing vibrant, precise prints on various fabrics, we utilise–where possible– water-based inks that match our sustainability promise.

Whether a large order of t-shirts for an upcoming marketing campaign or custom apparel for a Melbourne sporting event, our screen printing service guarantees a professional finish that reflects your brand’s vision and ethos.

Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery Services in Melbourne

Embroidery adds a touch of class and durability, making it perfect for corporate uniforms, bespoke caps, and more. Fritz Print embroidery services in Melbourne embody attention, the latest techniques and the finest threads so your garments stand the test of time.

Print your passion by embroidering your logo or any custom design onto shirts, jackets, hats, and other textiles, ensuring that each piece showcases your brand’s identity with elegance and sophistication. With no compromise on quality, our embroidery services are ideal for businesses that want to make a lasting impression.

Sustainability at Our Core

Fritz Print isn’t just about prints and threads; it’s about making a positive impact. Our eco-friendly printing practices are central to our business vision, which is a sustainable future. Using organic, recycled materials wherever possible, our screen printing process–where possible–uses water-based inks for your designs.

Fritz Print values are designed to minimise environmental impact, making your choice both a practical and responsible one.

Why Choose Fritz Print for Screen Printing and Embroidery in Melbourne?

Why select Fritz Print for your screen printing and embroidery needs in Melbourne? Here’s why:

  • Experienced Craftsmanship: Over 20 years of expertise in the industry ensures top-tier results.
  • Custom Solutions: Tailored services to meet your specific branding needs.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Commitment to sustainability with water-based inks and recycled materials.
  • Rapid Turnaround: Efficient processes ensure timely delivery without compromising on quality.
  • Broad Capability: We handle everything from small custom orders to large-scale production runs.

Organic Printing and Embroidery Solutions for Melbourne Businesses

From promotional clothing to personalised uniforms and headwear, our offerings satisfy every design requirement. This all-rounded approach allows Melbourne businesses to seamlessly coordinate all their branding materials from one reliable source, streamlining processes and enhancing brand consistency across all platforms.

Screen Printing and Embroidery – Create Your Custom Project

Want to invest in quality with custom screen printing or embroidery projects in Melbourne? Embarking on your custom apparel project in Melbourne has never been easier.

Whether enhancing your brand presence or creating memorable merchandise, turn to Fritz Print for unmatched professionalism and quality. Visit our website to explore our services, or call us at 03 946 553 13 for any inquiries. Let’s print your passion!

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